Lolita (ロリータ) Meaning trough time 1909-Present

ロリータ (Origin?) Did Japan really lend it etymological from the Spanish vocabulary or from the book is still an open question.
Lolita was established in 1909 and named for Lolita Reese, the granddaughter of a veteran of the Texas Revolution
Lolita Pulido, the central female character of Johnston McCulley’s 1919 novel The Curse of Capistrano (The Mark of Zorro 1924)


First recorded as a given name of Latvians in 1928. From Spanish Lolita. Character in the play Lolitas brīnumputns (1926) by Anna Brigadere.


Lolita Lempicka, was a French Fashion Designer.


The book ‘Lolita’ written by Vladimir Nabokov was published by Olympia press in Paris.


Lolita a British-American drama film based on the novel written by Vladmir Nabokov is published.


Child Book in non sexual Lolita published ‘Schooiertjes van Sevilla’, Arneguy, Michèle / Van Goor Zonen


Lolita used as sexy word for Nylons. (NL Media, 1964, 1966, 1967, 1968, 1971)


The Lolita Complex phenomena was found by Russell Raymond Trainer.


The Male Lolita written by Russell Raymond Trainer is published.

1977 (August 31)

Peanut Lolita coined (used) in the Wasting Post to refer to a type of whisky.


Book Lolita get attend from The New York Times, March 1, 1981, Sunday, Late City Final Edition)

Lolita get associated with paedophilia/lolita syndrome (The New York Times, March 3, 1981, Tuesday, Late City Final Edition


LOLITA acronym used to describe a computer system: Lolita Natural Language Processing System developed by Duham university.


Prince Lolita coined in Womansword: What Japanese Words Say About Women written by Kittredge Cherry

Ryukou Tsushin street fashion magazine used lolita to describe the style in September 1987.


The Amy Fisher Story is a 1993 American television film. Amy Fisher became known as the long island lolita.


American-French drama film based on the novel written by Vladmir Nabokov is published.


Lolita is used for sexy fashion by Bodylijn. (NL Media)


Lolita get associated with doll looks (


Novala Takemoto wrote the book Lolita and published it trough Shinchosha.


First academic article about lolita fashion from western context written (Y. Kawamura, New York).


The Lolita association is created by Japan. (


Lolita is used for a sweet shop located in Slovenia  (


Anime Protocol – Date A Live Mayuri Judgement Structures

Date A Live Mayuri Judgement Structures

Main Message:

Humans can change how people will judge the world by starting to become better at handling emotion and being consciousness about their own behaviour.

Fragments of Processes:

INSERT AFTER A:  Surprising things always happened.

INSERT BEFORE A: Decisions influence the bigger world and not only yourself.

INSERT AFTER C: Emotions can cause conflicts and affect the world, but they can also be solved by influence of the people which are related in the conflict.

INSERT AFTER C: A plan to deal with a problem can solve a problem and is highly beneficial step to stop worrying and not having an answer.

INSERT AFTER D: Sometimes you have to consult other people for your plan.

INSERT AFTER E: Even if people give you advice, you should not always follow their suggestions.

INSERT AFTER D: Sometimes people make excuses to do things.

INSERT AFTER F: Some people are stubborn and do things what actually should not be done.

INSERT AFTER G: Other people can only lower the persuasion of these people.

INSERT AFTER G: Some people are extraordinary and common knowledge does not apply to these people.

INSERT AFTER G: Living in the present is important, because worrying about Things can always be done later.

INSERT AFTER G: Some people live in a fantasy world that is shown in entertainment such as visual novels.

INSERT AFTER I: Even famous humans wants to have private time and get tired of things that happened in their life.

Process A: Emotion

Overdoing -> Trouble -> Power -> -> Desire to big -> Feel Strong -> Out of balance

Balance -> Like a pendulum

Message: Balancing your action to satisfy your feelings

Process B: Ideal Life

Idol -> Power -> Create Place of Opportunity -> Friends -> Happiness -> Empowerment from Friends

Message: Fame and money gives you friends and make you happy.

Process C: Relationship Problems

Mystery -> Only seen by the person perception -> Technology can confirm opinions -> Technology can solve complex problems, which humans cannot solve -> Relationship between humans does have a limit of humour -> Everyone has (relationship) problems -> Love overcomes these problems

Message: Life is all about being able to be conscious about yourself and understand other people

Process D: Solution for Relationship Problems

Spending time with your loved ones -> Satisfy emotion -> To solve relationship some extern person has to lead the process -> People cannot decide, so people invent decisions games -> Relationship is all about plan -> Social relationship has rules and these rules grow while having a relationship

Message: Maintain social contact is all about planning to stronger the emotion connection and sometimes an extern person has to be consulted to improve the social relations.

Process E: Balance between Plan and Flexibility

Person behave different when the situation is different to other people -> People try to fit in the social rules -> Sometimes a plan does not work because of circumstances -> People worry if it does not go according to plan -> People love games -> Using other ideas, because not having confidence -> Success is made by each other even without a plan

Message: A strong social relationship is caused by both parties’ effort.

Process D: Influence of Class

Rich/Popular people has different social rules -> Social relationship can overrule the social norm -> Some people have a more open-minded mind -> Rich people control/ influence the rules (more) -> Emotion can convince other people -> Some people do things because other people want that you do it for them -> Some people have a fluent plan and this makes activity lesser tense -> Social support make it possible to do things out of the norm -> Doing shopping can give your lots of baggage -> Making decision is hard for shopping -> Rich people buy more then what they need -> School education separate people -> Working limit the amount of time you can spend on other things

Message: Social norms can be broken by social relationship and wealth.

Process E: Activities related to memory, culture and relationship

Having the same meeting location is helpful -> Some people love certain locations -> Some location makes your remember things from the past and location create memories -> Some people would like to do childish tings -> Rituals bond people to do some things -> Some People enjoy nature ->

Message: Simple things make you happy and sometimes you have to do things you used to do.

Process F: Personality and Information Handling

There is always someone later than the other person -> Compliments make people happy -> Some people like art -> Cheap things make people happy when they really desire it -> Sometimes love has to be expressed more physical -> Items can be treasured as memoire of a moment in your life

Message: Good artist steal and create what they want.

Process G: Different Talents

Meeting should be special if their celebrate a special event -> New shopping items attract people -> Appearance influence how people act -> Some people can cook

Message: Appendence influence how people act.

Process H: Food and Behaviour

There is always someone later than the other person -> Hypothesis and theories does not have to match reality -> Some people love food -> Mimic people shows their bond

Message: Knowing simple things and how people behave can stronger the bond between people.

Process I: Emotional Nature and Hero Concept

Sometimes concepts are generated by the person self -> Humans are part of a bigger system -> Unexpected things can happened in life -> People and potential technology can monitor people -> The rules of a system can also behave different then how it was intended -> Some people use technology that they do not understand and when the technology is acting strange then people complain -> Some people are not conscious about their own behaviour and feelings -> Some people can give you new insight -> Some people belief live is all about fulfilling some purpose -> Some people belief they can do the impossible / Some people has big goals in life / Some people wants to do big things -> Confidence inspire people -> Appearance tells something about someone -> Teamworking and focussing on one thing solve one problem -> Friends can empower each other -> Protecting something for the world empowers you because other people belief and empathize for you -> In stressful periods time is very important -> Breaking a social connection can be emotional -> Humans were not born to hate each other -> Losing what you are used to of want to can be painful -> Sometimes people forget that other people also influence the situation

Message: Some people can make big changes, but in many cases, this is thanks to other people, but one important thing for people who wants to make changes is that they have new insights and are confident and show their emotion within their idea.

Timeline Songs (I recognize)

1693 – Canon In D Major – Pachelbel
1801 – Piano Sonata No. 14 (Moonlight Sonata) – Beethoven
1803 – Violin Sonata No. 9 – Beethoven
1804 – 5th Symphony – Beethoven
1825 – Ave Maria – Schubert
1830 – We Wish You a Merry Christmas
1836 – Nocturnes – Chopin
1853 – Ave Maria – Bach/Gounod
1854 – Symphony No. 1 in C minor, Op. 68
1875 – In the Hall of the Mountain King – Krieg
1894 – Étude in D–sharp minor, Op. 8, No. 12 – Vladimir Horowitz
1918 – O Mio Babbino Caro – Giacomo Puccini
1957 – Jailhouse Rock – Elvis Presley
1963 – Do Wah Diddy Diddy – Manfred Mann
1965 – I Got You (I Feel Good) – James Brown
1965 – These Boots Are Made for Walkin’ – Nancy Sinatra
1966 – I’m a Believer – The Monkees
1966 – Paint It Black – The Rolling Stones
1967 – Penny Lane – The Beatles
1968 – Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel
1969 – Come Together – The Beatles
1969 – My Way – Frank Sinatra
1969 – Space Oddity – David Bowie
1969 – Sugar, Sugar – The Archies
1972 – Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver
1973 – Jolene – Dollay Parton
1973 – Piano Man – Billy Joel
1974 – Come and Get Your Love – Redbone
1974 – Lady Marmalade – Labelle
1975 – Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen
1975 – I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll – Alan Merrill
1976 – Dancing Queen – ABBA
1976 – Go Your Own Way – Fleetwood Mac
1976 – Somebody to Love – Queen
1977 – Stayin’ Alive – Bee Gees
1977 – Hotel California – Eagles
1977 – One Love / People Get Ready – Bob Marley and The Wailers
1977 – We Are the Champions – Queen
1978 – I Will Survive – Gloria Gaynor
1978 – Rasputin – Boney M.
1978 – Roxanne – The Police
1978 – September – Earth, Wind & Fire
1978 – Summer Nights – John Travolta and Olivia Newton–John
1978 – You’re the One That I Want – John Travolta and Olivia Newton–John
1978 – Y.M.C.A. – Village People
1979 – We Are Family – Sister Sledge
1980 – Celebration – Cool and the Gang
1981 – Down Under – Men at Work
1982 – Africa – Toto
1982 – Beat It – Michael Jackson
1982 – Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
1982 – Eye of the Tiger – Survivor
1982 – I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll – Joan Jett and the Blackhearts
1982 – Thriller – Michael Jackson
1983 – All Night Long – Lionel Richie
1983 – Every Breath You Take – The Police
1983 – Flashdance… What a Feeling – Irene Cara
1981 – Girls Just Want to Have Fun– Cyndi Lauper
1983 – Jump – Van Halen
1983 – Karma Chameleon – Culture Club
1983 – Total Eclipse of the Heart – Bonnie Tyler
1983 – Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This) – Eurythmics
1983 – Uptown Girl – Billy Joel
1983 – You Can’t Hurry Love – Phil Collins
1984 – I want to break free – Queen
1984 – I Want To Know What Love Is – Foreigner
1984 – Born in the U.S.A. – Bruce Springsteen
1984 – Careless Whisper – George Michael
1984 – Last Christmas – Wham!
1984 – Take on Me – A–ha
1985 – Don’t You (Forget About Me) – Simple Minds
1985 – Heaven – Bryan Adams
1985 – Material Girl – Madonna
1985 – Say You, Say Me – Lionel Richie
1985 – Since Yesterday – Strawberry Switchblade
1985 – Super Mario Bros. Theme – Koji Kondo
1985 – Summer of ’69 – Bryan Adams
1985 – Walking on Sunshine – Katrina and the Waves
1986 – Livin’ on a Prayer– Bon Jovi
1986 – Take My Breath Way – Berlin
1986 – The Final Countdown – Europe
1987 – Man In The Mirror – Michael Jackson
1987 – Never Gonna Give you Up – Rick Astley
1987 – (I’ve Had) The Time of My Life – Bill Medley and Jennifer Warnes
1987 – The Way You Make Me Feel – Michael Jackson
1987 – Heaven Is a Place on Earth – Berlinda Carlisle
1987 – I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) – Whitney Houston
1988 – Englishman in New York – Sting
1988 – Driving Home for Christmas – Chris Rea
1989 – Black Velvet – Alannah Myles
1989 – Lambada – Kaoma
1989 – Another Day in Paradise – Phil Collins
1989 – Right Here Waiting – Richard Marx
1990 – Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – C+C Music Factory
1990 – Moonlight Shadow – Mike Oldfield
1990 – Vogue – Madonna
1991 – Losing My Religion – R.E.M.
1991 – Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
1992 – Moonlight Densetsu (Heart Moving) / Moonlight Legend– Dali
1992 – Nothing Else Matters – Metallica
1993 – Cha–La Head–Cha–La – Hironobu Kageyama
1993 – The Power Of Love – Celine Dion
1994 – Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something
1994 – All I Want For Christmas Is You – Mariah Carey
1995 – Don’t Speak – No Doubt
1995 – Earth Song – Michael Jackson
1995 – Yumemiru Ai Tenshi – Furil
1995 – Sailor Moon English Theme – Nicole and Brynne
1996 – Carry On – Jennifer Cihi
1996 – I Wanna Be A Star – Jennifer Cihi and Sandy Howell
1996 – It’s a New Day – Jennifer Cihi
1996 – My Only Love – Jennifer Cihi
1996 – Call My Name (I’ll Be There) – Jennifer Cihi and Sandy Howell
1996 – Oh Starry Night – Sandy Howell
1996 – Only A Memory Away – Shandi Sinnamon
1996 – Rainy Day Man – Patricia Tollett
1996 – She got the Power – Stan Bush
1997 – Angels – Robbie Williams
1997 – Barbie Girl –Aqua
1997 – Bitter Sweet Symphony – The Verve
1997 – Coming Home – Stratovarius
1997 – My Heart Will Go On – Celine Dion
1997 – Poison – Alice Cooper
1997 – Rock the Dragon – Jeremy Sweet
1998 – Aim to Be a Pokémon Master – Jason Paige
1998 – Bell Air – MALICE MIZER
1998 – Believe – Cher
1998 – Big Big World – Emilia
1998 – Blue (Da Ba Dee) – Eiffel 65
1998 – Duvet – Bôa
1998 – I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing – Aerosmith
1998 – Metamorphose – LAREINE
1998 – You’re Still the One – Shania Twain
1999 – Driver’s High – L’Arc~en~Ciel
1999 – FullMoon – Sonata Arctica
1999 – Livin’ la Vida Loca –Ricky Martin
1999 – Smooth – Santana
1999 – Waiting for tonight – Jennifer Lopez
1999 – Who Let the Dogs Out? – Baha Men
2000 – A Legend Reborn – Hammerfall
2000 – Cryptonite – 3 Doors Down
2000 – Dawn of Victory – Rhapsody
2000 – Fiancailles – LAREINE
2000 – It wasn’t me – Shaggy
2000 – It’s My Life – Bon Jovi
2000 – Now We Are Free – Gladiator
2000 – Oops!… I Did It Again
2000 – Shenmue – Takenobu Mitsuyoshi
2001 – A Thousand Miles – Vanessa Carlton
2001 – Fallin’ – Alicia Keys
2001 – Get Party Started – P!nk
2001 – How You Remind Me – Nickelback
2001 – In the End – Linkin Park
2001 – Can’t Get You Out of My Head – Kylie Minogue
2001 – Survivor – Destiny’s Child
2001 – Whenever, Wherever – Shakira
2002 – Beautiful – Christina Aguilera
2002 – Clocks – Coldplay
2002 – Complicated – Avril Lavigne
2002 – God is a girl – Groove Coverage
2002 – Heart on Fire – HammerFall
2002 – Hero’s Return – HammerFall
2002 – Lose Yourself – Eminem
2002 – The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind Theme – Jeremy Soule
2003 – A Way of Life – Hans Zimmer
2003 – Angel of darkness – Alex Christensen
2003 – Bring Me To Life – Evanescence
2003 – Crazy in Love – Beyoncé
2003 – Dam Dadi Doo – Fantasy Project
2003 – Dragostea Din Tei – O–Zone
2003 – It’s My Life – No Doubt
2003 – Where Is The Love? – The Black Eyed Peas
2004 – Amerika – Rammstein
2004 – Blood Red Sandman – Lordi
2004 – Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day
2004 – Breakaway – Kelly Clarkson
2004 – If I Ain’t Got You Alicia Keys
2004 – Memo – Nightwish
2004 – The Reason – Hoobastank
2004 – She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5
2004 – Unwritten – Natasha Bedingfield
2005 – Angels Within – Temptation
2005 – Because of You – Kelly Clarkson
2005 – Hung Up – Madonna
2005 – Superheroes – Edguy
2005 – This Love – Maroon 5
2006 – Crazy – Gnarls Barkley
2006 – God knows… – ENOZ
2006 – Hips Don’t Lie – Shakira
2006 – Honythief – Halou (Added)
2006 – I Write Sins Not Tragedies – Panic! At The Disco
2006 – Say It Right – Nelly Furtado
2006 – The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion Theme – Jeremy Soule
2006 – Through the Fire and Flame – Dragonforce
2006 – Unfaithful – Rihanna
2007 – Apologize – Timbaland
2007 – Beggin – Madcon
2007 – Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
2007 – Chocolate Rain – Tay Zonday
2007 – Dearly Beloved – Yoko Shimomura
2007 – Don’t Stop the Music – Rihanna
2007 – Leave It All to Me – Miranda Cosgrove
2007 – Love Song – Sara Bareilles
2007 – Low – Flow Ridia
2007 – Node of Scherzo – Versailles, Kaya and Juka
2007 – Girlfriend – Avril Lavigne
2007 – Still Alive – Jonathan Coulton
2007 – Umbrella – Rihanna
2008 – Aristocrat’s Symphony– Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet–
2008 – Bye Bye Beautiful – Nightwish
2008 – Disturbia – Rihanna
2008 – Fairytale – Kalafina
2008 – Hot N Cold – Katy Perry
2008 – I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry
2008 – Just Dance – Lady Gaga
2008 – Paparazzi – Lady Gaga
2008 – Poker Face – Lady Gaga
2008 – Single Ladies – Beyoncé
2008 – Sprinter – Kalafina
2008 – Live Your Life – T.I
2008 – Tabi no Tochū – Natsumi Kiyoura
2008 – The Revenant Choir – Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet–
2008 – Viva la Vida – Coldplay
2009 – Ascendead Master – Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet–
2009 – Bad Romance – Lady Gaga
2009 – Boom Boom Pow – The Blacked Eyes Peas
2009 – Empire State of Mind – Jay– Z
2009 – Fireflies – Owl City
2009 – I Gotta Feeling – The Black Eyed Peas
2009 – Only My Railgun – Fripside
2009 – Mitsu no Yoake – Akino Arai
2009 – Secrets – OneRepublic
2009 – Storia – Kalafina
2009 – Tik Tok – Ke$ha
2009 – Ultimate Diamond – Nana Mizuki
2009 – You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift
2009 – Vokda – Korpiklaani
2009 – Whataya Want from Me – Adam Lambert
2009 – World is Mine – Supercell
2010 – Baby – Justin Bieber
2010 – California Gurls – Katy Perry
2010 – Grenade – Bruno Mars
2010 – Just the Way You Are – Bruno Mars
2010 – Heavy Rotation – AKB48
2010 – Love the Way You Lie – Eminem
2010 – My Soul, Your Beats! – Lia
2010 – Serenade – Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet–
2010 – Waka Waka (This Time for Africa) – Shakira
2010 – What’s My Name? – Rihanna
2011 – A Thousand Years – Christina Perri
2011 – Angel with a Shotgun – The Cab
2011 – Levels – Avicii
2011 – Destiny –The Lovers– Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet–
2011 – Hacking the Gate – Kanako Itou
2011 – Masquerade – Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet–
2011 – Icarus Main Theme – Michael McCann
2011 – Paradise – Coldplay
2011 – Philia – Versailles –Philharmonic Quintet–
2011 – Pika Girl – S3RL
2011 – Pon Pon Pon – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
2011 – Price Tag – Jessie J
2011 – Rolling in the Deep – Adele
2011 – Safe and Sound – Taylor Swift
2011 – Sexy and I Know It – LMFAO
2011 – Somebody That I Used to Know – Gotye
2011 – Someone like You – Adele
2011 – The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Theme – Jeremy Soule
2011 – We found Love – Rihanna
2012 – Call me Maybe – Carly Rae Jepsen
2012 – Crossing Field – LiSA
2012 – Diamonds – Rihanna
2012 – Euphoria – Loreen
2012 – Gangnam Style – PSY
2012 – Harlem Shake – Baauer
2012 – Just Give Me a Reason – P!nk
2012 – Reach the Sky – YOHIO
2012 – Sora wa takaku kaze wa utau – Luna Haruna
2012 – Thrift Shop – Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
2012 – We are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift
2013 – All of Me – John Legend
2013 – Blessing of the Future – Jupiter
2013 – How to Be a Heartbreaker – Marina and the Diamonds
2013 – 失去你没什么大不了(It’s no big deal to lose you) – 可歆 (kě xīn)
2013 – Let it go – Idina Menzel
2013 – Overfly – Luna Haruna
2013 – Pharrell Williams – Happy
2013 – Roar – Katy Perry
2014 – Gimme chocolate– BABYMETAL
2014 – Moon Pride – Momoiro Clover Z
2014 – Shake It Off – Taylor Swift
2014 – This Game – Konomi Suzuki
2014 – Unravel – Ling Tosite Sigure
2014 – Warriors – Imagine Dragons
2015 – Bravely You – Lia
2015 – Cheerleader – Omi
2015 – Faded – Alan Walker
2015 – Le chant de Roma – Taku Iwasaki
2016 – Alone – Alan Walker
2016 – Dancing On My Own – Calum Scott
2016 – Million Reason – Lady Gaga
2016 – Race Wish – HIZAKI grace project
2016 – Shelter – Porter Robinson and Madeon
2017 – Despacito – Luis Fonsi
2017 – Havana – Camila Cabello
2017 – Legends Never Die – Against the Current
2018 – Blah Blah Blah – Armin van Buuren
2018 – Kyūkyoku no Battle – Akira Kushida

Summa Theologiae – Prologue (Translated to Dutch)


Omdat de doctor of katholieke waarheid niet slecht aan de vaardige geleerd moet worden, maar ook aan de beginners. (Volgens de Apostel: As unto little ones in Christ, I gave you milk to drink, not meat — 1 Cor 3:1-2), mijn doel in het boek is om wat dan ook te behandelen dat behoort tot het christelijke geloof, op een manier dat beginnelingen begrijpen. We hebben geconstateerd dat studenten in deze doctrine vaak vastlopen bij wat andere schrijvers hebben geschreven, dat veroorzaakt wordt door het aan het waardeloze vragen, beweringen, en argumenten, maar ook toe te schrijven is dat dingen die nodig zijn om te weten niet geleerd worden volgens de orde van het onderwerp, maar volgens het plan van het boek, of op momenten van argumenten, maar ,ook, omdat de regelmatige herhalingen de lezer’s geest uitput en verward.

Project Beyond Human Chapter 1: Beyond The Perception of Life


The words from deep in the well are sparkling. The angel whispers a song. A dying voice from deep within her is listening. The light is slowly fainting away. The symbolic words and screens are floating in consciousness. Seconds become minutes, minutes become hours, hours become years, years become centuries, centuries becomes an uncountable rhythm. The angel last words were I cannot die, because I never knew if my existence was a hoax.

Day 1: What is a story?

According to the Wiktionary a story is: “A sequence of real or fictional events; or, an account of such a sequence.”.

Now knowing the definition it does not change my life. A definition gives us only a meaning of words. It does not give us answers on how we ought to act or what make us ought to value certain belief systems or decisions. Every story has a voice and this voice refers to something.
When you are reading the text you discover the voice is not a person in the story, but something what can materialise as person like ‘I thought I know nature’ or ‘You should learn more about nature’ or ‘the angel whispers’.

A important difference between living as human and as person in human storytelling is that the reader lives in multiple times frames. In a story the person is not confronted with his memories of all kind of experiences.
In other worlds the story is limited to the amount of words their are that describes what a person is. The person in the story is always more limited then a person in real life.

Day 2: What is a frame?

In life we experience things, but we can retell our experience. We can put all our experience in an collection of frames. We can point as human towards an cause, that is blamed for our own behaviour. We can blame that person at time x that caused, that I have these emotions associated with that emotion. The frame is a state of emotion and all these states are saved in our memories.
This frame is in reality not saved, but it is an modification of your own perception system. Remember when someone is bullying somebody, it does change his perception. This perception can be expressed in a frame. At that moment I felt X. It can be seen as knowing their exist frames in relation to that person. “I was bullied in school by that person”, “that teacher was very strict”. These are experiences which modify the perception of the system.

Day 3: Why emotion in real life influence the behaviour in frames? (Hard Draft)

In real life we learn a character by the first impressions and behaviour. When time is moving forward, we slowly learn what kind of associations we have with these characters.
It is called a filter of life. These filters are created by human. Something is creating these associations with the person and is reflecting back on us, about what we are.

Day 4: How to value and use something beyond definitions? (Hard Draft)

A open question, because what is governing this definition. For whom am I using this definitions. Is it valuable because other people value it. Is it value because it is something we ought to value. Is it valuable, because I desire it.

Day 5: Law of life from things (Hard Draft)

When we are trying to find purpose in life. Humans are search for a law. Something which tells us what we should do. Still the laws tells us what we ought to do, but does not tells whatever something is good or bad. Justice is a very human thing, it is like as if humans wants to contrast what a good and evil human is.
What makes a human praised by other human as an hero, as a someone who we can abide? Where does this feeling of praise come from?

Day 6: The dilemma of law from things and justice of good and bad? (Hard Draft)

If we know what we ought to do and we know this is a good action. Then this should be our purpose of our life. No human can say your are a bad person, but a worthfull person, because you have done what humans ought to do.

You can die peacefully. But like the angel said we still have no answers on the sparkles of life. We still are floating around the mist of life. Like a human soul which cannot be understood from the abyss of some very complex story.

Day X: Floating sparkles

Why grammar exists?

What defines that I am me?

Why answers on question does not change me?

Why giving a description of life does not give a human true happiness?

What is the purpose of life?

For whom do we good or bad deeds?

Why justice is a human thing?

Why life is a system of duties?

What is the purpose of the collective?

What is the purpose of religion?

What is emotion?

What is reason?

Why are all human bias?

Why is it hard to convey a message to someone else?

What is a dream?

Why go to school?

Why must we behave to other humans according to a set of queer rules.

Open Data Repositories Per Continent


Data Academic Torrent

Data OECD (Organisation for EconomicCo-operation and Development)

Data The World Bank

Dataverse Harvard

Data European Union


Data Dutch Government

Data National Records of Scotland

Data Scotland Government

Data Switzerland Federal Council

Data United Kingdom Government

North America

Data Public Health Alaska Government

Data Canada Government

Data U.S Government


Data Australia Government

Data New Zealand Government

Astronomy and Earth Science

Data European Space Agency (ESA)

Data National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Lolita Fashion News/Media Links Trough History (2003-2017)

~Author Note: In no way, I empathise any article over another article, the only thing that I want to say is that some articles are more subjective then objective written. Some articles could have a biased view or could  have viewpoints which are incorrect; but what they wrote is what certain humans thought that time in their life.

In addition, blogs and forums shows how individuals absorbed the idea of the Lolita fashion and express their idea of the Lolita fashion, and the media shows how the Lolita fashion is showcased and describes events of how Lolita has changed.

Bonus: (Japanese Street Fashion – 10 Things You Need To Know in 2016)

[2011] (Kamikaze girls’ best quotes)

ABC News Australia (English)

[2003] (Shoichi Aoki Interview) ~Writer’s Note: Timeline, “That probably started either six or five and a half years ago.”…., There is a reason why it’s going backwards, Critical note: STREET (began in 1985), he was 30 years-old.

Japan Guide (English Forum)

[2004] (What goes on with cosplay in harajuku) ~Writer’s Note: People are talking about the Lolita fashion and cosplay that happens in Harajuka.

Japanese Streets ‘Showcases’ (English)

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[2007] (Gothic & Lolita Bible in English)

[2008] (KERA Fashion Show) Writer’s Note: Just showcase Kera Fashion Show.

[2009] (Pink and Pretty) Writer’s Note: Just showcase Angelic Pretty.

[2009] (J-Fashion Magazines) Writer’s Note: Just showcase the most popular Japanese alternative fashion magazines.

[2009] (Harajuka comes to San Fransisco)

[2010] (Japan Fashion Now in New York)

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[2014] (I Love Tokyo Style Part 1 of 2)

[2014] (I Love Tokyo Style Part 2 of 2)

[2015] (Looking Pretty at Brilliant Star Decorations)

[2016] (New Book Features International Lolita Fashion Fans)

SFGate (English)

[2005] (Tokyo a-go-go / cool teens in Harajuku make a fashion assault from their imaginations)

Trouw (Dutch)

[2005] (Lolita, cyber, gothic; de Japanse jeugd zet in Harajuku een rebelse modetrend.)

Japan Inc (English)

[2005] (Harajuka Girl Co-opted) ~Writer’s Note: Interesting thing: “…, where up until the early 80s hip youngsters called the Takenozoku…

Vogue Australia (English Forum)

[2005] (what’s a Harajuku girl?) ~Writer’s Note: Interesting is the viewpoint of the members about the Lolita fashion.

The New York Times (English)

[2005] (Gothic Lolitas: Demure vs. Dominatrix)

[2008] (A New Generation of Lolitas Makes a Fashion Statement)

[2010] (Paris, Milan, Tokyo. Tokyo?)

Jgoth Archive Wikipiedia (English Blog)

[2005] (Gothic Lolita by Wikipedia) Writer’s Note: It shows how in 2005 the viewpoint of the Lolita fashion was; the viewpoint can of course be influenced by the media.

Dark Gothic Lolita (Italian Forum)

[2005] (Gothic Lolita Style) Writer’s Note: The post has snippets from the ‘Lolita’ Wikipedia in 2005, but is shows that their are people talking about this fashion from Italian.

Alphabet City (English Blog) ~In contrast to other blogs, this blogger express more her opinion.

[2006] (Japan – Harajuka, Tokyo)

[2007] (Tokyo Day 5 – Harajuku on a Sunday Afternoon ) Writer’s Note: This is what real Harajuku fashion looks like (from my previous post last year): ‘image’ But the stuff below is not – it’s costume play.

[2008] (Japanese punk, gothic and lolita fashion – KERA Magazine) Writer’s Note: Just a column about fashion magazine and more…, “ Westerners often think there’s only one Lolita style: Gothic Lolita. And they mix pure “gothic” and “gothic lolita” together.“, “Pretty much everything in Japan is an advertisement.”.

Jabcchai (Thai)

[2006] (แฟชั่น สไตล์ Gothic Lolita ของสาวตุ๊กตา)

Vista (Persian)

[2006] (هاراجوکو (Harajuku) )

Girlpower (Italian)

[2006] (Lolita: come ci si reinventa lo stile vittoriano)

[2012] (Cos’è lo stile Lolita)

Susans (English Forum)

[2006] Writer’s Note: People talking about Japan and their culture.

Lolita Handbook Livejournal (English Social Media)

[2006] (Lolita Handbook) ~Writer’s Note: People which describe the guidelines of Lolita fashion from their viewpoint.

Gaia Online Elegant Goth Lolita Guild (English Social Media)

[2006] (EGL : Elegant Gothic Lolita) Writer’s Note: Founded in 2003, A forum with avatar dress up and games, furthermore you can talk about anything you want at the forum, such as anime, games, role-play and Lolita fashion.

EGL Elegants (English Blog)

[2006] (Lolita Fashion) Writer’s Note: A blogger which tries describe from their viewpoint about the Lolita fashion.

Goth Girl Week (English Blog)

[2006] (Goth-Loli street style in Japan)

[2007] – (Feature: Leyla) Writer’s Note: Just shows a interview about her when she had opened a Lolita fashion shop.

Crynchyroll (English Forum)

[2007] (Gothic Lolita) Writer’s Note: Just shows that people are getting in touch with gothic lolita.

Vampire Rave (English Forum)

[2007] (Gothic Fashion: Gothic Lolita) Writer’s Note: A person describe their view about the Lolita fashion.

Mari Dari Travel (English Blog)

[2007] (Tokyo Day 7 Part 3 — Gothic Lolita, Marui One, Marui Young Shinjuku) Writer’s Note: Just showcase a shop.

Modabot (German)

[2007] (“Gothic Lolita” Fashion Show Wien 25.08.07)

[2007] (Selection Nr 10 “Gothic Lolita” der boutique gegenalltag Wien 15.08. – 09.09.2007)

[2007] (boutique gegenalltag Wien – Interface des Fortschritts) Writer’s Note: Just shows Avant-garde.

[2011] (Steampunk – Zurück in die Zukunft der Vergangenheit) Writer’s Note: Just shows that the steampunk movement was alive in this time.

[2012] (Motonari Ono – Modepuppen und Gothic Lolita)

Comicsbeat (English)

[2008] (A Gothic Lolita speaks)

Entrepeneur (English)

[2008] (Fascinated by Japan) Writer’s Note: Describe how Japanese culture does appears in the west.

A.M.I Tripod (English)

[2008] (What is Gothic Lolita…..)

The Seattle Times (English)

[2008] (“Lolita” subculture thumbs its nose at Japanese society)

Tokyo Fashion (English)

[2008] (Pages)

Jezebel (English)

[2008] (Gothic Lolita Style: Rebellious? Or Regressive?)

Reuters (English)

[2008] (Lolita goes Victorian, Goth in Japan cosplay trend)

NBC News (English)

[2008] (Embracing Japanese pop culture) Writer’s note: First two paragraphs are related to Lolita fashion.

WGSN Insider (English)

[2008] (Harajuka Girls) Writer’s Note: A sequence of photo’s.

Etsy (English Blog)

[2008] (Trends: Gothic Lolita)

Gothic Charm School (English Blog)

[2008] (Of Gothic Lolita Fashion and Lifestyle) Writer’s Note: A post about dealing with labels.

Indiehunk (English Blog)

[2008] (Gothic Lolita Rocks!)

Feministing (English)

[2008] (Feminism + Lolita and Kawaii fashion = ?) Writer’s Note: A viewpoint from a certain person about the Lolita fashion.

Virtual Japan Wikia (English Wikipedia)

[2008] (Lolita Fashion) Writer’s Note: A Wikpedia which describe Lolita fashion from their viewpoint.

La Carmina (English Blog)

[2008] (Reuters and new york times articles about gothic lolita, victorian cosplay)


Japan Vistor (English Blog)

[2008] (Gothic Lolita (gosu-loli)) Writer’s Note: A viewpoint from a certain person about the Lolita fashion.

[2008] (Is fashion dying in Japan)

Matric Marcias (English Blog)

[2008] (Koakuma ageha – The P & J tapes) Writer’s Note: Highlight Koakuma Ageha a “Gyaru fashion”.

Gothic Romantic (English Blog)

[2008] (Lolita Fashion) Writer’s Note: It shows how somebody describe the Lolita Fashion from their viewpoint.

Doshiyo (English Blog)

[2008] (“Gothic Lolita” trend in Japan) Writer’s Note: A blogger which is interested in the identity that is established

Parfaitdoll (English Blog)

[2008] (Firstly, an Introduction) Writer’s Note: Writes about the lolita fashion from their viewpoint.

DevianArt Lolita Related Images within popular culture (English Image Sharing & Blogs)

[2008] (Morrowind Lolita)

[2008] (Gothic Lolita guy 08) Writer’s Note: Just showcase the Harajuka observer user

The Sydney Morning Herald (English)

[2008] (Lolita subculture thumbs nose at men page 1) (Lolita subculture thumbs nose at men page 2)

[2010] (Brisbane ‘Lolitas’ change fashion landschape) Writer’s Note: Brisbane is growing, intersting part, “The thing that surprised me was that this person was also wearing clothes that weren’t considered a norm. When it comes to understanding I don’t think any group is safe. “.

[2011] (Japan’s Lolita style: cute, but disturbing)

[2014] (Turning Japanese: how the Land of the Rising Sun has influenced the River City) Writer’s Note: Timeline “ Brisbane-based Bailey Ikky launched the online store Harajuka Station two years ago to sell the instantly recognisable Lolita style of clothing. “.

[2014] (Turning Japanese: from haute couture to Harajuku)

The Japan Times (English)

[2008] (Tokyo’s Lolita scene all about escapism)

[2009] (‘Cute ambassadors’ roam globe to promote Japan’s pop culture)

[2009] (Complex devoted to Japanese pop culture opens in San Francisco)

[2010] (Tokyo Fashion & Art Factory) ~Writer’s Note: Must known ‘fact’: “an older fashion from the ’70s called otome fashion (“otome” meaning maiden);”

[2010] (‘Japan Fashion Now’ at FIT in NYC) ~Writer’s Note: Interlinked article: “The idea of cuteness as a philosophy of living — that softness, openness and childlike attitude — really hasn’t made waves in Britain at all.”.

[2011] (‘Kawaii’ culture taking hold in U.K.)

[2012] (Exhibition shows Britain’s Lolita influence)

[2013] (Let’s talk 100 percent kawaii!) ~Writer’s Note: Interlinked article: “ Kawaii is a rebellion against that idea of adulthood for both men and women.“.

[2013] (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu on a mission to spread Japan’s kawaii culture) ~Writer’s Note: The interesting part is “Actually, I don’t think in terms of fashion designers at all.”.

[2013] (Branding Japan: Not always onward and upward)

[2017] (Blasting the past with a new vision of future fashion)

Pop Matters (English)

[2009] (‘Japanese Goth’ A Manifesto for Beatiful Macabre)

NBC New York (English)

[2009] (From Japan’s Sidewalks to NYC Streets: Sweet Lolita Fashion) Writer’s Note: Intersting part is that if you had read articles before the year 2009, you would understand that the writer write another image, write from a lense or write with his style.

MPR News (English)

[2009] (More is more when it comes to neo-Victorian fashion)

About My Fashion (English Blog)

[2009] (Japanese Fashion – Lolita Style)Writer’s Note: It shows how somebody describe the Lolita Fashion from their viewpoint.

University of Stirling – The Gothic Imagination (English Blog)

[2009] (Loli-pop: A Personal View) Writer’s Note: Writes about the lolita scene in New Sealand

Xelyna The Gothic Lolita (English Blog)

[2009] (Xelyna The Gothic Lolita) Writer’s Note: “Just showing that other styles are also sparkling like fairy kei en decora”

The South China Morning Post (English)

[2009] (It’s all about satin and lace)

[2016] (Kawaii Hong Kong: how city’s Lolitas live the cute dream)

Vancouver 24h (English)

[2010] (Lolita: Style under pressure) Writer’s Note: Just highlight a lolita, and the title is a clickbait.

Judgment of Paris (English Forum)

[2010] (Lolita fashion on the runways) ~Writer’s Note: Interesting is the ambiguity that Vogue use with the Lolita fashion name.

ABC Lolita (English Blog from Taiwan)

[2010] (U.S. vs. Taiwan Lolita Style)

La Weekly (English)

[2010] (Innocent World Makes U.S. Convention Debut at Pacific Media Expo)

Cracked (English)

[2010] () Writer’s Note: Highlight Japanese subcultures.

Learn Out Live (English Blog)

[2010] (Japanese Culture: GothLoli (Gothic Lolita) Fashion) Writer’s Note: A person which describe gothic lolita from their viewpoint.

The Full Wiki (English Wikipedia)

[2010] (Lolita Fashion: Wikis) Writer’s Note: A Wikia which tries to describe Lolita fashion from their viewpoint.

Academic (English Wikipedia Archive)

[2010] (Lolita Fashion Wikpedia Copy) Writer’s Note: Just a wikipedia snapshot from 2010.

VICE UK/US (English)

[2010] (Harajuka takes Sweden)

[2016] (Inside the magical world of lolitas)

[2017] (What It’s Like to Find Belonging in the Lolita Community)

[2017] (The Complex Femininity of Japanese Lolita Fashion)

CCN (English)

[2011] (Lolita fashion finds a niche in the U.S.)

The Diplomat (English)

[2011] (Japan’s Fashion Subcultures) Writer’s’Note: Highlight subcultures.

Ultimate Goth Guide (English Blog)

[2011] (Vogue’s (appallingly bad) Guide to Goth) ~Writer’s Note: Just let people know that Vogue describe a subculture incorrectly.

Nexus Mods (English Game Mods)

[2011] (Mondsteins Gothic Lolita Outfit) Writer’s Note: Just a mod for more goth ero look outfit for the Elder Scrolls 4 Oblivion.

[2013] (OwOHeadwear) Writer’s Note: A Gothic Lolita Accessory mod for The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim.

TV Tropes (English Encyclopaedia for Tropes)

[2012] (Elegant Gothic Lolita) Writer’s Note: Describe the linked phenomena related to Lolita within popular media.

Jame World UK (English)

[2012] (The Tea Party Club’s 5th Anniversary starring Juliette et Justine) ~Writer’s Note: Timeline, “Lolita fashion was founded roughly around 1998 and that was the first time that I came into contact with it.“.

[2012] (The Tea Party Club’s 5th Anniversary starring Juliette et Justine: Q&A)

[2013] (Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna)

[2013] (Innocent World Tea Party in Vienna: Q&A)

[2014] (The Tea Party Club Presents: Revelry)

[2014] (The Tea Party Club Presents: Revelry Q&A)

Asianbeat (English)

[2013] (The History of Lolita Fashion)

The Sushi Times (Dutch)

[2013] (Pages)

The Dailty Dot (English)

[2013] (Lolita 101: This Japanese fashion craze is now for everyone)

DailyMail UK (English)

[2013] (Hello Dolly! Japan’s kitsch Kawaii trend hits the UK as teenagers reject miniskirts and fake tan for ‘cute’ animal outfits, piles of ruffles and sugary schoolgirl chic) Writer’’s Note: It empathize more the kawaii trend.

Independent (English)

[2013] (Kawaii: Going crazy for cute the Japanese way) Writer’’s Note: It empathize more the kawaii trend.

[2014] Writer’s Note: Using Lolita in the sense of seduction

Fyeahlolita (English Blog)

[2013] (Why is Lolita called “Lolita”? Does Lolita Fashion Have Anything To Do With Nabokov?)

Voices of New York (English)

[2014] (‘Lolita’ Fashion Comes to the Lower East Side)

Japan Culture NYC (English)

[2014] (Deconstructing Lolita Fashion)

AVO Blog (Dutch Blog)

[2014] (AVO blog interview met Lolita Aurora)

The Cut (English)

[2014] (The Japanese ‘Lolita’ Subculture Takes New York)

BBC Newsbeat (English)

[2014] (Kawaii culture in the UK: Japan’s trend for cute) Writer’s Note: It empathize more the kawaii trend.

Aramajapan (English)

[2014] (Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Tokyo Rebel to open retail locations in New York )

[2014] (Japanese lolita style takes on New York )

[2017] (Fashion Magazine KERA to End Print Publication)

The Daily Texan (English)

[2014] (Graduate student participates in Japanese street fashion group)

Victoria and Alber Museum (English Institution)

[2015] (Lolita Fashion: Japanese Street Style)

SBS Australia (English)

[2015] (It’s far more than just wearing a pretty dress: inside the secret world of Lolitas)

Savvy Tokyo (English)

[2015] (A Beginner’s Guide to Harajuku’s Lolita Fashion)

Houston Press (English)

[2015] (Anime Matsuri Organizer Accused of Sexual Harassment) Writer’s Note: A critical point about this article is that there are still grey people in life even in lolita, because of power and money.

Bare Magazine (English)

[2015] (BARE Interviews: La Carmina)

OZY (English)

[2016] (Why Lolita Fashion Is Taking Over Catwalks)

DAZED (English)

[2016] (What the hell has happened to Tokyo’s fashion subcultures?)

[2016] (ruits: future-pop fashion) Writer’s Note: Article about FRUiTS.

The Conversation UK (English)

[2016] (What is kawaii – and why did the world fall for the ‘cult of cute’?)

Style Arena Japan (English)

[2016] (Chinese Lolita)

[2016] (Lolita Wedding)

[2017] (International Lolita Fashion)

Myanimelist (English Social Media)

[2016] (Top 15 Lolita Anime Characters with Superb Lolita Fashion Sense) Writer’s Note: It shows how certain anime tries to use the Lolita fashion style for their appearance of the character.

Alkmaars Dagblad (Dutch)

[2017] (Coole Japan)

The Paris Review (English)

[2017] (Lolita Fashion)

Frechie Fashion Emporium (English Blog)

[2017] Writer’s Note: It shows how somebody describe the Lolita Fashion from their viewpoint.

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Lolita History: